Captain Cooks Casino

There seems to be a lot of different in regards to the payout percentages of the slot games available at Captain Cooks Casino, but what I have found is that you can have some amazing runs of luck playing some of their older three reel slots.

I prefer playing those slot games for with only a low number of pay lines that need to be activated it isn't expensive to play them. But make a note of the pay table of those slots for if you play with maximum bet spins you can often win a higher jackpot than when playing for a lower state amount.

If you do win when playing any of the slots on offer at Captain Cooks Casino always try and withdraw some of your winnings for by doing so you will gave money left to play another day and won then run the risk of losing what you just won.

Been paid out on time every single time I have made a withdrawal at Captain Cooks Casino and what I like about the casino the most if that you can pick any of their banking method to withdrawal your winnings and no matter which one you pick they will pay you out quickly.

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This casino review has been put together and structured in such a way that by reading it through you are going to then be able to make a very informed and educated decision as to whether it will be worth your time and trouble signing up to and then playing at Captain Cooks Casino.

I am fully aware that as a casino game player and one that could be based in Canada that you have literally thousands of different casinos sites that you are going to be able to sign up to and play at.

As such it will take a very highly rated casino site to get you to switch from any casino you regularly play at over to playing at this casino site, however I am completely confident that Captain Cooks Casino is going to live up to every single player very highest of expectations!

With that in mind do please feel free to read this informative and very in-depth review, as by doing so you can then make an informed decision as to whether it is going to become one of your favourite casino sites at which to play at, which I am confident it very quickly will be!

Canadian Player Friendly

You will have no problems being able to sign up and use your Captain Cooks Casino if you live anywhere in Canada. However, what you should ensure that you do as you are filling in the registration form to set up a new account is to select Canadian Dollars as your account currency.

By doing so as soon as you have opened a new account and then log into that account you will be able to make deposits in CAD and play any of the games in your home currency too.

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As both French and English are spoken in Canada, if you wish to set your account to operate in either of those two languages you will be given the option too, and as such you will then be able to play the games into only in your chosen currency but your chosen language too.

Plus, you will also be able to communicate with he around the lock customer care team in your own chosen language too, which is very handy should you have any questions that you want answering!

Gaming Platforms

It will of course be very important that any casino site you do choose to sign up to and play at either as a guest player playing at no risk and for free or as a real money player is going to allow you to access and play their range of casino games in a way you find appealing.

As such I am more than happy to let you know that if you do make the very smart decision of signing up to Captain Cooks Casino then you will find that you log in details are going to give you access to not just one gaming platform but three of them.

Those three very different gaming platforms include a fully downloadable one that by the way has by far and away the biggest range of games available within it, or you can access either  am mobile casino app or an instant play online gaming platform too.

It is of cruse going to be up to you just which of those three quiet different gaming platforms you do decide to make use of and utilize, but I would suggest you try each of them out as that way you will then be able to judge for yourself just which one you enjoy using the most!


They offer round the clock customer support, VIP Managers to look after you, and when it comes to bonuses you will find you get showered with them every week of the year. Should you be in the market for a brand new home to play real money or even free to play casino games we heartily recommend Captain Cooks Casino to you.

Captain Cooks Casino Review

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They also have some high payout limits too, which is handy to know for playing at some casino sites online will see you having to put up with some low payout limits so when you do win big you won’t be waiting long until you get all of your winnings.

By also playing in your own home currency you then never have to pay currency exchange rate fees, and it is when you are signing up to Captain Cooks Casino that you can then pick which currency option you have attached to your account.

If you like playing card games then I would suggest that you use the downloadable gaming platform available at Captain Cooks Casino as by doing so you are going to find a very good mix of those types of games.

Whilst most other casinos only off the more commonly available games much as Baccarat and Blackjack, by making the wise decision o playing at Captain Cooks Casino you will find dozens of other games and lots of variants of the game type of games too.

They have casino poker games both standard ones and progressive ones and they also have plenty of single hand and multi hand card games available too, so you will never get board of playing at that casino, and one final thing to note is their card games do offer low to high table stake limits too to suit all budgets!

Not read many complaints about Captain Cooks Casino, and that is one of the main reasons why I decide to open up and account with tem and give them a try. I initially played their games free to see if they were as good as I had heard they were.

The only complaint I do have is that I feel there are way too many games avail vale! You really could spend days playing at that casino site and never end up playing the games twice, however if you do like swapping and switching the game you are play it is going to become a casino you will love playing at.

I find the low limit banking options do suit my bankroll, however I am aware that you can deposit some much higher amounts if you tend to play for higher stake levels, not that I ever do as I am something of a low roller!

The 243 ways to win slot games available at Captain Cooks Casino are in my option some of the very best one you can play anywhere online, for one thing I love about them is that they staking options are designed to give you the maximum winning opportunities but at the lowest cost.

There are some of those slot games that I tend to play more than other, one of my own personal favourites is the Burning Desire slot. I tend to play that slot a lot for it only costs 25 coins to have 243 ways to win in play.

There are some other slots offering 243 ways to win that I do like playing and the Immortal Romance slot is another of my favourites for it has the wild desire feature which can turn all of the reason random something when it is randomly awarded.

I have very quickly got to like Captain Cooks Casino and one of the thing is have noticed about that casino sites hen compare to some of the many others you can sign up to online is that they do seem to offer the more regularly player bonuses.

Their bonuses are not only regularly on offer but they do allow you to claim some very high amounts of bonus credits when you make use of them, and the bonus play rule are not too restrictive either which is often not the case at other casino sites.

The best bonuses to claim I have found are the deposit match bonuses, for by using those which are designed to give you at least 100% of your deposit amount as bonus credits you are then going to at least double the amount o cash you deposit to claim those bonuses!

The Captain Cooks Casino is one of the oldest casinos that use Microgaming software, and I do like the fact that they have been around for so many years and that they never appear to have any complaints against them.

There is lots of different ways that you can configure their games when using either their instant play or their downloadable gaming platform, so of you do like much more tailored gaming sessions then this is certainly a casino site to consider playing at.

The sign up bonus is a good valued one too for I did manage to win and cash out some money when I first signed up, however I have since one on to make probably hundreds of withdrawals over the years and whilst not mega amounts of cash every time I have made a withdrawal they have paid me out my winnings very quickly and with no hassle.

The video poker games are what I like best about Captain Cooks Casino, and I have hit Royal Flushes on several of those games over the years and I have found that they do play much fairer than the video poker games available at other casino sites.

The actual coin values that you can have in play on all of their video poker games are adjustable by players so you will not find you are obligated to have to play for some high valued coin value settings unless of course you want to.

The only video poker games available at Captain Cooks Casino that you cannot adjust the coin values on are their two progressive jackpot games, that being the Jackpot Deuces game and their Supajax game, both of them require you to have to play for $1 coin values and you have to play $5 hands to have a chance of winning the progressive jackpot too!

I hate the gamble game options that are available on most of the slots you can play at Captain Cooks Casino for they are those stupid and boring playing card based gamble games which by no stretch of anyone's imagination are fun and exciting to play off!

There are a couple of slots that do have a completely different types of gamble game and they are all the slots that make up the untamed series of video slot, those slots are however 243 ways to win slots so you cannot put into play just a small number of pay lines per spun.

If like me you do enjoy using the gamble game feature on slot machines when you spin in a winning combination that I would encourage you to take a look at the gamble games on offer on that untamed series of slots as they really are fun ones to play off.

Most casino players who have only just decided to start playing at an online casino will be completely unaware of the many different types of casinos that they can play at on their computer and I would like to tell anyone who is new to playing online to seriously consider using Captain Cooks Casino as your main casino.

The one thing you will like about that casino is that they use Microgaming’s range of casino games which I have always found over the many years of me playing at Captain Cooks Casino to be some of the best paying games available online.

Plus, another reason to sign up and play at that casino site is that you will not only find loads of handy and cost effective ways to deposit into your account and they also offer lots of ways to pay you your winnings quickly too.

Make sure that if you are looking to play at Captain Cooks Casino that you try and use a payment method that is not going to charge you any fees on their site to make regularly deposit into this casino for some web wallets do charge you to top them up.

You will never have to pay any fees to make a withdrawal or top up your account when playing at Captain Cooks Casino but I tend to stick to using my debit cards for that way I can deposit and withdrawal directly from my bank account.

There is another reason why I play there and that is they will pay you out your winnings in a day or two but as long as you have had your account verified and that is something I suggest all players do as quickly as they possibly can do.

Playing at Captain Cooks Casino is something I do quite frequently and I am not a high stakes gambler for I tend to play just their slot machines and play then for just a few cents a spin, but have some long playing sessions and have made lots of withdrawals too.

The payout percentages are what impress me the most about their slots for even when you are playing for the lowest possible stake levels you get the same long term payout percentages that players playing for high stake amounts do.

In regards to the best slot machines to play, I always play a good mix of different slots for that way if one of them isn't paying out by switching the slots I am playing there is a chance will and up playing one that is paying out which is something you could just do too!

The multi spin slot games that are available at Captain Cooks Casino are not like other slot games you may have played before, for when you play them you get to play several of the same slots all in the same game window and there is a good mix of slots that have been designed as multi spin slots.

In fact there are so many slot games on offer at that casino site if those are the types of game you regularly play you really are going to be silt for choice, and their video slots do have some of the best paying bonus games in my opinion.

Look out for some of their video slots that offer more than one bonus game for that way you get more chance of trigger those bonus games which believe me, at times can and do payout much more than you can win on the base games!

Friendly support agents is what I like the best about Captain Cooks Casino for when you do need any help or advice as one of their players you will always find their team are happy to help you out and there is always someone on duty at any time of the night or day too.

When I first set out playing at Captain Cooks Casino I didn’t really have a clue how to download their software or how to play their games but I simply contacted their support team that you can do in one of many different ways and they talked me through every aspect of playing.

I now rarely have to contact their support team in fact I only do so when I want to see if I have any bonuses available to me, and one other thing I do like about that casino site is that when you claim their bonuses they are added to your account instantly!

The comps you can earn at some casino sites are not worth claiming, for what I do like when I am gambling online, is knowing that each time I play a casino games for real money I am accumulating high valued comp points that I can then turn into playing credits.

The comp club scheme that I have found on offer at Captain Cooks Casino is a generous one that always rewards you with comp points no matter what games you play or for what stake levels you play those games for.

The exchange rate valued for turning your points into playing credits are generous too and you can and will be amazed at just how quickly your comp points can and will add up when playing here and will be happy with the amount of playing credits you can claim too.

Captain Cooks Casino has always been the number one casino for me and having played at probably dozens if not over a hundred casinos over the last ten years that I have been gambling online, I have always found them to be the best one to play at.

It is for several reasons that I am always happy to recommend them to my friends and one thing you cannot help but notice as soon as you do become one of their new player sis just how fair and reasonable their bonus offers are.

Their sign up bonus is one that is worth claiming but when you have made use of that bonus you are then always going to get a steady supply of ongoing bonus offers all of which are very quickly added to your casino account once you have claimed them.

Hundreds of different types  and varieties of casino games are what drew me into playing at Captain Cooks Casino, and with so many games on offer you really are going to be happy you signed up there too if you do become one of their new players.

All of their games are very quick to launch and load no matter which of their gaming platforms you choose to use, however i like the convenience of being able to log into their instant play and downloadable gaming platform via one set of log in details.

There are bonuses available to both new and exciting players but as they are part of the Casino Rewards Group you will always find that you get the maximum rewards for your real money gaming action and their comp club scheme is one of the best ones available anywhere online too.

The one bit of advice I would give anyone who is thinking of signing up to Captain Cooks Casino is to first set about giving their huge and ever growing range of casino games some play time via the free play versions of the games.

You can play every single one of their games for free and at no risk with the expectation of their progressive jackpot awarding slot and casino games, and by doing so you will see just how good they are and get used to playing them too.

The payout percentages and the house edges that you will find attached and on offer on every single one of their games are the same if you play for free or for real money, so when you do play their games for free they will play and pay just like they do when you are playing them in a real money playing environment.

You only have to take a look at the size and value of the progressive jackpots that can be won when playing some of the huge number of different casino games on offer at Captain Cooks Casino to realise that this casino is a very busy casino site.

It is one that utilizes the entire range of casino games that have been designed and supplied by Microgaming, and I have to say I simply love playing their games for over the years they have designed some real corkers that can and do payout well.

If you do like playing progressive jackpot games then they are proud of the fact that they pay out all progressive jackpot winning in ones ingle payment, so if you do win big you will get the entire amount of those winnings paid out to you in a lump sum payment and not payments spread over weeks or years as if the case at other casino sites!

I have been a happy player of Captain Cooks Casino for the last three years, and I tend to play video poker games for I know their range of those games have some of the best paying pay tables of any casino sites however I do also like their Blackjack games too.

For when playing their Blackjack game you can play them for low or high stake amounts, but those game sod offer the lowest house edges of any other card games on offer at Captain Cooks Casino so you will get the maximum chances of winning when playing them and that does appeal to me.

I also like the fact that when I do play video poker games or Blackjack games I am earning comp points, and the more of those points I earn the more playing credits I can then swap them for!

Captain Cooks Casino Bonus

I like the simple fact that Captain Cooks Casino never force any type of bonuses or promotional offers upon their players, and as such if you are not interested in claiming and then using bonus credits you are never going to be at liberty to have to do so.

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However, if like me you are a big fan and boosting the value f your deposits to give you much more play time and a slightly increased chance of winning when playing any type of online or mobile casino game you will not fail to be impressed by the bonuses available at this casino site.

You are going to be able to pick and choose the bonus you do wish to claim, and it does have to be said their sign up welcome bonus offer is a huge valued one well worth claiming!

If you do wish to claim any bonus then it is going to be added to your account in real time, but also make sure you spend a little bit of time looking through the bonus play rules and any additional terms and conditions, for they have been designed in a very fair and generous way!

Player Rewards Scheme at Captain Cooks

The sheer number of different comp clubs that each different casino site you can sign up to means you do have to acquire something of an expert’s opinion in regards to you being able to spot a casino that does have a generous comp club on offer.

However, as this casino site is both fully owned and operated by the Casino rewards Group, the very second you sign up to it you will then become a member of their casino wide comp club scheme and boy are you going to be very generously rewarded for all of your gaming action!

That comp club is going to allow you to always be earning comp points when you play at Captain Cooks Casino, but at any point in time you decide to switch over to playing at any of the other casino sites in the group your comp points will all be pooled together.

That way you will have full control over which casinos you sign up to and play at, but will have the additional benefit of your comp points all being added together!

Captain Cooks Online Casino Games

Let me now give you some idea of the range, types and also the varieties of different games that you are always going to have access to as a player at the online or even via the mobile gaming platform on offer at Captain Cooks Casino.

Luxury Casino Bonus

You will find that three reel, video and progressive slot machines are available in very high numbers and as you can play them for any stake amount, and as you are additionally also going to find some very high paying pay tables and above averages payout percentages on those game you should find they are great playing but much more importantly high paying slot machines.

Video poker games are also on offer and they come with single hand and multi hand player options, plus there are also going to be a couple of progressive video poker game you can get stuck into playing too.

If on the other hand you are an avid card or table game player then you will not fail to be impressed by just how many card and table games can be accessed and played at this casino site, all of which come with low to very high table stake limits too!

Captain Cooks Casino Deposits and Withdrawals

How many times have you signed up to an online or mobile casino site and fancied playing for real money, only to find the casino site you have chosen to play at won’t let you make an instant and real time deposit using your chosen banking option?

Well, that is one thing you are never going to have to experience as a real money player at Captain Cooks Casino for their banking interface offers all players the option of making seamless yet higher secure deposits in real time using a plethora of different payment and banking options.

You can use a prepaid card or voucher to fund your casino site account, or you can use any type of debit or credit card too, in fact if you use any type of web or e-wallet then you are also going to be able to instantly and in real time fund your account using them too.

Payouts are always going to be processed and sent out to all winning players of Captain Cooks Casino very quickly, so you will never have to wait for any extended periods of time to receive your entire winning withdrawal which is important to know!

Captain Cooks Casino Player Support

Never feel intimated or fell a little wary of playing casino game online, for even if you are not the most technically savvy person out there you have nothing to be afraid of and will find that playing at sites like Captain Cooks Casino will never pose any type of problem.

You will of course as you have found out from above have three different gaming platforms that you can make use off and you can use the log in details you acquired when signing up on any gaming platform on the other gaming platforms.

But if you do find yourself struggling to understand any aspect of part of the Captain Cooks Casino site then simply stop what you are doing and make contact with their very friendly casino support team.

You can email them any questions that you may have or if you prefer you can contact them via telephone, and there is now an additional and much easy way you can contact their 24 hours a day support team and that is by using their instant chat service, which allow you to stay online and get the answers to any questions you have instantly and very quickly too!

Captain Cooks New Casino Games

You will probably already have a list of casino games that you love playing and enjoy playing whenever you are in a gambling frame of mind. However, it is always going to be worth your while every now and then playing a range of slightly different games.

With absolutely hundreds of different casino games available at Captain Cooks Casino, if you do ever fancy a change of pace there will be plenty of opportunities for you to try out some games that you may have never played or seen before.

But another aspect of becoming one of their new players that you are bound to find of interest is that they are a casinos site famed for regularly launching plenty of great playing brand new casino games too.

Plus, as you always do have the option of playing any new games or games that you have never played or even seen before for free before you play them for real money, you are also always going to be able to sample playing them to see if they are going to be fun and exciting games to play when you then play for real money!

Staking Options at Captain Cooks Casino

We hope you have enjoyed reading through our very in-depth and very informative review of Captain Cooks Casino, for it is very true to say that as a casino game player there really is a lot to like about this top rated online and mobile casino site.

As such if you do now fancy giving any of their games some play time to see if they are as good as they look then you can register as a new player in a matter of minutes. By doing so you can of course then set about playing them for free and at no risk.

But keep in mind that you will always have your own set aside gambling budget and bankroll that you can afford to play with, and to ensure you will be able to play any of their range of different casino games they all come with player configurable and adjustable staking options.

So there is no doubt in my mind that no matter what you have chosen a your available gambling bankroll you are always going to be able to set the games on offer at this casino site to play for a unit stake level that you can afford to play for!